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ISO 50001

Foundry Giroud Industrie obtained in March 2017 the ISO 50001 certification.


Initiated in 2008, the foundry Giroud finds that its main item of expenditure is devoted to energy consumption. The management then decides to make the necessary investments to reduce its bill. replacement of production tools, new electrical installation, improvement of the compressed air system to achieve its objective and quickly obtain a return on investment. For Stéphane Collier, foundry director, "the approach has been very beneficial in terms of economic performance, it has also improved the working conditions of our teams, the environmental impact is satisfactory because we have reduced our consumption of resources and our CO2 emissions. For over a year, the company has been working with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Grenoble and decided to go even further: following an audit of the consumption of equipment, units and buildings, a Energy Management System (EMS) has been developed. objectives, objectives and planning actions to be implemented.


The newspaper "Présences" - Grenoble, November 22, 2016

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