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Certificat Equilibre EDF

The Equilibre offer is offered to all EDF eligible customers who wish to buy electricity produced from renewable energies.


What is "green" electricity? This is electricity from the production of renewable energies: hydro, wind, solar, biomass and geothermal energy.


Who can buy "green" electricity?


Since 1 July 2004, EDF's Equilibre offering has been available to all eligible customers: large companies, SMEs / SMIs, professionals (artisans, tradesmen, freelancers) and local authorities.


What is the principle of the Equilibre offer?


The principle is very simple, for each kWh purchased as part of the kWh Equilibre offer, EDF injects on the grid a kWh of electricity from one of its French renewable energy production sites.


How to be sure that the electricity purchased is green electricity?


The sites and the production are audited, certified and controlled by Observ'er (Observatory of Renewable Energies) which is the representative for France of the independent European organization RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System).


This organization issues green certificates guaranteeing the customer the origin, the counting and the placing on the network of the quantity of electricity purchased from EDF as part of the green kWh

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