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Developpements & RechercheDeveloppements & Recherche

The “Assistance for conception/design” is a service we provide you with to help you with your research and development projects.

The experience gained by FOUNDRY GIROUD INDUSTRY SAS over many years in various industrial branches as well as the specific performances of its manufacturing processes enable its development and engineering department to help you find a constructive action plan within the framework of the studies of new products. For example, we can help you to:
- Carry out a thorough analysis of your specific needs and technical requirements
- Adapt the form and material to the function of your products.
- Optimize the final costs by suggesting innovating solutions “redesign to cost”
- Simulate the manufacturing of virtual parts with the help of performant software tools.

Our development and engineering department team is at your disposal at all times and these tasks are part of their priorities.