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  Introduction ---
---Ductile iron ---Flake graphite iron ---Austenitic ductile iron - Niresist ---Cast iron with chromium - Nihard cast iron ---Special nodular cast iron - SiMo ---Fire steel ---

Developed materials
Developed materials

Foundry Giroud Industry develops the cast iron variants described below :

To help you make the best choice of material suited to your needs, we have described below the main mechanical characteristics of each material:

Moreover, we have developed materials with mechanical characteristics which are highly superior to the norm. Consequently, these materials are close to steel.

Nuances France Germany England USA Europe
Cast iron GL NF EN 1561 DIN 1691 BS 1452 ASTM A 48 Iso 185
Cast iron GS NF EN 1563 DIN 1693 BS 2789 ASTM A 395
ASTM A 536
Iso 1083
White cast iron
Cast iron with crome
EN 12513 DIN 1695 BS4844 ASTM A 532 Iso EN 12513
Austenitic cast iron
EN 13835 DIN 1694 BS 3468 ASTM A 436
ASTM A 439
ASTM A 395
Iso EN 190/241
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