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Boxless moulding

One of our three moulding methods is a highly flexible boxless moulding process. It enables us to manufacture parts without frames and to adapt to the part size.

The boxes are manufactured using furanic resin which gives the sand a very high rigidity.

We manufacture a lot of different parts in small and average series and in most diverse variants of cast iron such as: SiMo, ductile iron, austenitic ductile iron, cast iron with chromium and flake graphite iron.

Lump size : from 500 x 500 to 1100 x 1100
Weight of the parts : from 20 kg to 300 kg
Characteristics :
- Moulding site which carries out parts in small and average series.
- Manufacturing of 5 to 100 parts monthly.
- The patterns are made in wood and resin.

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