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4000 tons of parts are dispatched yearly towards more than 200 destinations on all continents.

A detailed knowledge of the customs rules, an efficient follow-up until the delivery at site and the implementation of delivery options with set delays enable our logistics department to guarantee the good management of the process.

Our preparation and logistics department organizes the following operations:
• Preparation of the pallets according to the clients’ specifications. Moreover, if the raw or finished parts require it, we use special protections (VCI covers, anti humidificators, etc.)
• The use of treated and approved materials depending on the final destination.
• Supply of documents specific to every client in order to make receptions easier.
• The shipment of parts everywhere in the world.
• It makes the passage of goods through customs easier with a “post customs” – treatment.
• It ensures the follow-up of the pieces until the final destination.
• It assists our clients and provides them with technical solutions as far as packaging and logistics are concerned.